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Subject: Adventures of a Crewel World
Date: June 14th 2012

New Crewel News: From Marfa to Maine with "The Motif Collection" [UPDATE!]
Two Classes Down... Plenty More to Go!
ALSO: Change in Chicago class... Moved from this Sunday the 17th to THIS SATURDAY JUNE 16th FROM 3-5pm

We are on day three of our Crewel Tour and boy are we having fun. We've had two incredible classes with stitchers that range from beginners to advanced. People who have taken the class have been amazed at what we can pack in to two hours. You will leave feeling crewel confidence. If you don't believe us, just check out the comments on our facebook page!

We've also been documenting this crazy journey on our facebook, blog and twitter. If you're not following us, you should be! We will be posting stitch tutorials, interviews and more throughout this whole journey from Marfa to Maine.


Dallas, TX @ Oil & Cotton: June 12, 6-8pm
Sign up online here or by calling 214.942.0474.

Kansas City, MO @ Urban Arts & Crafts: June 13, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 816.234.1004.

Oak Park, IL @ Knot Just Knits: June 15, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 708.948.7943.

Chicago, IL @ The Needle Shop: June 16, 3-5pm
Sign up online here.

Milwaukee, WI @ Sparrow Collective: June 18, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 414.747.9229.

Cleveland Heights, OH @ Wool & Willow: June 21, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 216.791.7952.

Columbus, OH @ Wholly Craft!: June 23, 5-7pm
Sign up online here or by calling 614.447.3445.

Ithaca, NY @ Handwork: June 26, 6:30-8:30pm
Sign up by calling 607.273.9400.

New York, NY @ Purl Soho: June 27, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 212.420.8796.

Providence, RI @ Craftland: June 28, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 401.272.4285.

Portland, ME @ Atelier Stitch: June 30, 1-3pm
Sign up by calling 207.775.7773.

Philadelphia, PA @ Rittenhouse Needlepoint: July 6, 2-4pm
Sign up by calling 877.764.6880.

Raleigh, NC @ Yarn Tree Studio: July 7, 5-7pm
Sign up by calling 919.845.3292.

Jacksonville, FL @ A Stitch in Time: July 11, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 904.731.4082.

New Orleans, LA @ Sew Fabulous: July 13, 6-8pm
Sign up online here or by calling 504.571.9730.

Houston, TX @ Texas Art Asylum: July 15, 4-6pm
Sign up online here or by calling 713.224.5220.

Austin, TX @ Stitch Lab: July 16, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 512.440.0712.

Katherine Shaughnessy

Wool & Hoop
PO Box 281
Marfa TX 79843

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