Crewel Madness hits Cleveland and Columbus

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Subject: Crewel Madness hits Cleveland and Columbus
Date: June 21st 2012

New Crewel News: From Marfa to Maine with "The Motif Collection" [UPDATE!]
New Crewel Workshop in Cleveland is Sold Out

But there's still time to sign up for the Columbus workshop:

We've been on the road just over a week and somehow have made it all the way to my sweet hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. My New Crewel Workshop here at Wool & Willow's is sold out, but there's still space in our Columbus workshop scheduled for Saturday afternoon from 5-7pm and hosted by the super friendly folks at Wholly Craft! Don't be shy -- come down and get your crewel on. (Beginners and advanced stitchers welcome!)

We'll also be at TNNA, the Needle Arts Trade Show in Columbus this weekend from June 23-25. If you're planning to be there, be sure to stop by the Wool & Hoop booth (TT1637) and say hello.

In addition to all the New Crewel stuff we've been tweeting, blogging and throwing up on facebook & pinterest, there are a few nice reviews of my new book, New Crewel: The Motif Collection, that just hit the cyber waves. You can read them here, here and here, and keep up with all-things-crewel on our blog.


Dallas, TX @ Oil & Cotton: June 12, 6-8pm
Sign up online here or by calling 214.942.0474.

Kansas City, MO @ Urban Arts & Crafts: June 13, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 816.234.1004.

Oak Park, IL @ Knot Just Knits: June 15, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 708.948.7943.

Chicago, IL @ The Needle Shop: June 16, 3-5pm
Sign up online here.

Milwaukee, WI @ Sparrow Collective: June 18, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 414.747.9229.

Cleveland Heights, OH @ Wool & Willow: June 21, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 216.791.7952.

Columbus, OH @ Wholly Craft!: June 23, 5-7pm
Sign up online here or by calling 614.447.3445.

Ithaca, NY @ Handwork: June 26, 6:30-8:30pm
Sign up by calling 607.273.9400.

New York, NY @ Purl Soho: June 27, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 212.420.8796.

Providence, RI @ Craftland: June 28, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 401.272.4285.

Portland, ME @ Atelier Stitch: June 30, 1-3pm
Sign up by calling 207.775.7773.

Philadelphia, PA @ Rittenhouse Needlepoint: July 6, 2-4pm
Sign up by calling 877.764.6880.

Raleigh, NC @ Yarn Tree Studio: July 7, 5-7pm
Sign up by calling 919.845.3292.

Jacksonville, FL @ A Stitch in Time: July 11, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 904.731.4082.

New Orleans, LA @ Sew Fabulous: July 13, 6-8pm
Sign up online here or by calling 504.571.9730.

Houston, TX @ Texas Art Asylum: July 15, 4-6pm
Sign up online here or by calling 713.224.5220.

Austin, TX @ Stitch Lab: July 16, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 512.440.0712.

Hope to see you!

Yours truly,
Katherine Shaughnessy

Wool & Hoop
PO Box 281
Marfa TX 79843

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