New Crewel Workshop in Austin

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Subject: New Crewel Workshop in Austin
Date: September 8th 2012

New Crewel News: From Marfa to Maine with "The Motif Collection" [UPDATE!]
Crewel Workshop in Austin Next Tuesday, Sept. 11

It was a great summer traveling across the country spreading our crewel gospel! We made it back to Marfa, Texas on July 18 after 7,000 miles, one flat tire, and loads of stories to tell. Each stop was better than the last. We met so many interesting people and saw lots of dear friends and family. Since returning, we've moved offices and have been getting the new kits ready to post online. Almost there! Stay tuned....

In case you are in the Austin area and you missed the sold-out July New Crewel Workshop, please join us this Tuesday, September 11 at Stitch Lab. You can sign up here or by calling Stitch Lab at 512-440-0712.

Whether you're brand new to stitching or an advanced embroider, a New Crewel Embroidery Workshop is sure to be a perfect fit. I'm bringing a trunk load of my newest crewelworks and plenty of copies of my latest book, New Crewel: The Motif Collection. So come and learn (or get refreshed on) some basic crewel stitches and then let me show you all of my new favorites, especially the super fun, 'spirograph' stitch from my new book. I'll also go over some crewel history, an explanation of materials, finishing techniques and pattern transfer tricks. Participants will receive all the supplies needed to get started -- linen fabric, wool thread, needles and a hoop. My Wool & Hoop kits, supplies and books -- featuring my original designs, dozens of fun projects and over 20 embroidery stitches -- will be available for sale. Sign up today!

And, if you can't make the workshop, but want to check out my latest book, New Crewel: The Motif Collection, you can order it here.

Many thanks,

Wool & Hoop
PO Box 281
Marfa TX 79843

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