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crewel wool

New Crewel Colors - $79.00 / 40 skeins

The entire palette of colors from The New Crewel includes:

102-purple, 251-grass green, 251A-grass green, 252-grass green,
253-grass green, 312-brown olive, 331A-drab green, 442-orange red,
461-cornflower, 471-autumn yellow, 472-autumn yellow, 503-scarlet,
522-turquoise blue, 541-early english green, 543-early english green,
556-bright yellow, 561-sky blue, 622-flamingo, 701-flesh tints,
742-china blue, 744-china blue, 751-rose pink, 841-heraldic gold,
862-coral, 864-coral, 891-hyacinth, 892-hyacinth, 893-hyacinth,
912-fawn, 915-fawn, 941-bright rose pink, 942-bright rose pink,
943-bright rose pink, 944-bright rose pink, 945-bright rose pink,
946-bright rose pink, 983-putty grounds, 991-misc color (light ivory),
992-misc color (ivory) and 993-misc color (black)

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